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Pleated Blinds

Discover Our Attractive Pleated Blind Range

Get your pleated blinds measured up & fitted for free. Choose from modern or traditional looking pleated blinds.

Made-To-Measure Pleated Blinds

Whether you’re looking to create contemporary or traditional decor, you can choose our pleated blind range to transform the look of your property. We provide our services to both domestic and commercial customers. Pleated blinds are ideal to use throughout your home or office. Read more about our pleated blinds below.

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The Pleated Blind Range At Phoenix Blinds Edinburgh

Pleated blinds are highly versatile, decorative and can transform the look of your property. They can be made to fit almost all shapes of windows.

An excellent choice for skylight windows and conservatory roofs, the majority of fabrics have a solar protective coating, reflecting the direct sunlight preventing overheating of your conservatory and extending the time you can spend in there.

They come in a full range of colours and subtle patterns. You can also fit pleated blinds in any room in your home as they will suit any window style. When the blind is pulled up they will stack neatly to top of window.

They can also be translucent or blackout to suit your needs. Combined with Louvolite perfect fit or Eclipse Intu systems leaves your window sills free taking away any need for drilling and screwing to your window frame.

If you are looking for Pleated Blinds in the Edinburgh area, contact the friendly sales team at Phoenix Blinds. We will offer you a no obligation quotefree fitting, informed advice and measure up for free too.

Frequently Asked Questions: Pleated Blinds

Do you have a large range of patterns and colours to choose from?2020-08-15T13:53:33+01:00

Yes we have an extensive collection, book an appointment to view our brochure which provides examples of all the colours & styles we have.

How easy are Pleated Blinds to use?2020-08-15T13:51:34+01:00

Pleated blinds have a simple & lightweight pull cord mechanism. Very easy to use.


Will Pleated Blinds help with insulation?2020-08-15T13:48:48+01:00

Yes Pleated Blinds will add another layer of insulation to your doors or windows.

Can i get Pleated Blinds in blackout materials?2020-08-15T13:47:23+01:00

Yes we have a range of blackout pleated blinds available.

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